Prize Structure

For detailed information about the prize structure, follow the steps below:

Open the Push.poker software, then click on the "Tournaments" or "Sit & Go" tab located in the Game Types bar.

Select the tournament that interests you, and click on it. Then go to the information screen of the tournament by double clicking or pressing the "Tournament Lobby" button. There you can see all the details about the tournament, including the prize structure, blinds structure, and list of registered players.

In the Tournament Lobby, you will be able to see the complete information about the tournament, including list of registered players, start date and time, tournament status, Buy-in, guaranteed prizes, among other things. If you want to see a more detail about the prize structure or the blinds structure, you must press the "Prize Structure" button.

A detailed information window will be opened, which includes Prize Structure, Blinds Structure, as well as some additional information about the tournament.

Push.Poker and Trust Gaming Network reserve the right to modify, alter and / or cancel the programming of tournaments, structure and / or guaranteed prizes of any tournament, without prior notice.